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[20.11.2012][Vote] Vote cho Kim Hyun Joong giải 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards – Hallyu Star Award Nominee.

Vào trang: http://awards.emn.kr/news/register.php

Sau đó làm theo hình nhé^^

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Sau khi đã có ID rồi, lần vote kế tiếp đăng nhập như sau:

Vào trang: http://awards.emn.kr/news/login.php?url=%2Fnews%2Fregister.php

Note: Một IP chỉ vote được một ID và chỉ vote một lần/ngày, mọi người có thể vote thêm bằng cách tạo ID trên lap/máy bàn/máy công ty, fighting!^^

Monday, November 12, 2012

[12.11.2012][Vote] Vote for Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) for Yahoo Buzz Awards 2012.

Credit: www.babyvfan.wordpress.com  
Voting link : http://hk.promotions.yahoo.com/buzz2012/index.php#!/vote/cat=3&id=79
Step 1 : go to – http://hk.promotions.yahoo.com/buzz2012/index.php#!/vote/cat=3&id=79

Step 2 : make sure KHJ’s icon is selected.
Step 3 : enter your yahoo id (yahoo email address) into the 1st space given
enter the code as shown onto the 2nd space.
Step 4 : tick ‘agree to terms and conditions’
Step 5 : click ‘Confirm’
And you are done voting ~
A small window will appear on top of the original voting page, cross it, then you can re-vote!
Step 6 : click on ‘Vote Again’
They will ask you enter a new code , so just enter what you see from the picture shown when u click again~
There unlimited times where you can vote, so vote!!!
P/s: Some have been asking where can we check to see the current ranking,
You may check it here : http://hk.promotions.yahoo.com/buzz2012/index.php#!/rank/

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

[08.11.2012][Vid] Attends "Jackal is coming" premiere

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

[13.10.2012] [News] Jung Yu Mi looks helplessly in love with Kim Hyun Joong on the set of ‘City Conquest’

City Conquest‘ has revealed a new still cut of the two main characters with Jung Yu Mi looking at Kim Hyun Joong with goo-goo eyes.
Seeing the two stars gaze at each other so lovingly, netizens responded to the photo saying, “I wonder if a scandal will erupt after this?“, “She looks so lovable! What man would not be swayed by those eyes“, “Has Jung Yu Mi fallen in love?“, “That doesn’t look like just an ordinary gaze“and “I sense love in the air~.”
“City Conquest” is receiving much attention after recruiting Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yu Mi, and other well known actors into its cast.
Credit: www.allkpop.com

Friday, October 5, 2012

[05.10.2012] [Vid] Back from Japan.

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[05.10.2012] [Pic] Back from Japan.

Credit: www.hyunbar66.cn

[05.10.2012] [ News] Kim Hyun Joong attracts 10,000 fans and 150 photographers to his fan meeting in Japan.

Credit: www.allkpop.com

Kim Hyun Joong had his 1 year anniversary fan meeting for his Japanese fanclub, ‘Henecia Japan‘ at the Nippon Budokan on October 4th.
In a statement, Key East Entertainment stated, “Kim Hyun Joong opened a ‘City Conquest‘ promotional event for his fanclub, ‘Henecia Japan’. It was a special event for the fans that have been waiting for him to make his return to the small screen. We provided highlight videos and things that happened during filming for the first time.” Ten thousand fans attended the event, and about 150 photographers fought to grab the best angle of the star.
Kim Hyun Joong said, “I’m always thankful for ‘Henecia Japan’ for supporting me all the time. I want to celebrate not just our first anniversary, but our 5 year, 10 year, and even 100 year anniversary. I’m going to stay healthy with good singing and acting. I also hope my fans stay healthy with good food and medicine.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[03.10.2012] [Magazine] Josei Jishin : 10 episodes by Henecia Japan Staff

Credit: lafone0606

A rough translation of Josei Jishin Oct. 16 issue:
Pleas repost with credit "lafone0606"
Henecia Japan staff talked 10 stories about Kim Hyun Joong

1st episode: He is very calm and quiet. While in transit, he saw videos with iPad. 

2nd episode: He loves dancing so much that he sometimes steps even in a narrow elevator. We also feel that he is very dertermined to do what he once decided. This summer, KHJ was very busy with Heat promotion (2nd single in Japan) as well as the new drama (City of Conquest) shooting in Nikko/Kinugawa for the two weeks. He repeated return trips between Korea and Japan. As soon as he arrived at his hotel from Haneda, he immediately started a vocal lesson or had a meeting with the teacher of acting skill about City of Conquest. 

3rd episode: During May – July, he was also hectic with Asia FM to visit 8 cities. He cancelled his after-event party in Japan, directly going to dance rehersal to prepare for Asia FM. He has never shown his hard efforts behind the scene to the fans. Though he said “ I cut back body fat to 7%, but I still have to work harder “ in a light way, he was on a very strict diet to reduce his weight by 10 kilos. 

4th episode: During his stay in Japan, he only took low-fat milk. Even on the occasion of dinner at a Korean restaurant, he did not eat meat, but had only vegitables. 

5th episode: It is well known that KHJ loves Ramen, but he also gave up ramen. On August 10 when he visited Japan for Jinju Gaien Fireworks Festival, he had low-calory “zaru soba “ ( Japanese noodles served on a bamboo draining basket with a dipping sauce) at Fuji Soba in Roppongi. 

6th episode: He is full of challenge spirit, loving to show something new to his fans. He cared about the reaction from the fans to “ Heat “ performance which was the first time for him to sing and dance with the bank. 

7th episode: On July 3, he had a hand-shake session at Odaiba to celebrate the release of Heat album. He was touched by the fans in a long que even in the heavy rain. So he decided to repay to the fans by Guerrilla live at Tokyo. He proposed this idea to us. 
He said “ I would like them to enjoy live performance, but it is not easy in a big-scale event venue as there is a distance between the stage and the audience. I would like to go closer to the fans “

8th episode: Guerrilla live was held at Osaka on July 7 and Nagoya on July 8. According to the Henecia staff, he was scheduled to return to Tokyo on July 8, but he proposed to drop by Nagoya to meet with his fans in Nagoya when he stayed in Osaka. Therefore, staff rushed to Nagoya on the same day (July 7) to look for event venues in the midnight. 

9th episode: The next day of the joint concert with Naoto Intirami, his succor-mate, Hyun Joong had pains in his throat in the morning. They once considered to cancell “the invitation event of Heat album” scheduled on July 15. But as he was so determined to do the best what he was able to do with that condition, they decided to carry out the live. After the temporary treatment at the hospital, he was on the stage of the daytime session. His eyes were brimful with tears, being filled with love to his fans. 

Now Heat ranked No.1 at both of Daily and Weekly Oricon chart, making another record of over 200,000 copies. According to Henecia staff, “ In the fan board of the official club, Henecia Japan, fans wrote to aim to win Platinum Disk (the award to be given to the sales of 250,000 copies) “ 

10th episode: Once Kim Hyun Joong talked about his dream, the Dome tour. But he talks about another dream to Henecia Japan staff. “ I would like to have a live in a small venue where I have never visited. I can feel a sence of unity with the audience better in a small venue and they will enjoiy it as well “

[03.10.2012] [Vid] Departing to Japan.

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[03.10.2012] [Pic] Departing to Japan.

Credit: http://blog.daum.net/a-hlia

Credit: weibo.com/yoonhae

Credit: HJsarang