Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[20.11.2012][Vote] Vote cho Kim Hyun Joong giải 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards – Hallyu Star Award Nominee.

Vào trang: http://awards.emn.kr/news/register.php

Sau đó làm theo hình nhé^^

Bước 1:

B­ước 2:

Bước 3:
Bước 4: 
Bước 5: 
Bước 6:
Sau khi đã có ID rồi, lần vote kế tiếp đăng nhập như sau:

Vào trang: http://awards.emn.kr/news/login.php?url=%2Fnews%2Fregister.php

Note: Một IP chỉ vote được một ID và chỉ vote một lần/ngày, mọi người có thể vote thêm bằng cách tạo ID trên lap/máy bàn/máy công ty, fighting!^^

Monday, November 12, 2012

[12.11.2012][Vote] Vote for Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) for Yahoo Buzz Awards 2012.

Credit: www.babyvfan.wordpress.com  
Voting link : http://hk.promotions.yahoo.com/buzz2012/index.php#!/vote/cat=3&id=79
Step 1 : go to – http://hk.promotions.yahoo.com/buzz2012/index.php#!/vote/cat=3&id=79

Step 2 : make sure KHJ’s icon is selected.
Step 3 : enter your yahoo id (yahoo email address) into the 1st space given
enter the code as shown onto the 2nd space.
Step 4 : tick ‘agree to terms and conditions’
Step 5 : click ‘Confirm’
And you are done voting ~
A small window will appear on top of the original voting page, cross it, then you can re-vote!
Step 6 : click on ‘Vote Again’
They will ask you enter a new code , so just enter what you see from the picture shown when u click again~
There unlimited times where you can vote, so vote!!!
P/s: Some have been asking where can we check to see the current ranking,
You may check it here : http://hk.promotions.yahoo.com/buzz2012/index.php#!/rank/

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

[08.11.2012][Vid] Attends "Jackal is coming" premiere

Credit: joyful860606@youtube

Credit: rivericecool@youtube

Credit: littlebean@youtube

Credit: superscv1004@youtube