Thursday, May 24, 2012

[24.05.12] [News] Kim Hyun Joong melts hearts with considerate gesture towards a fan.


‘Smiling Prince’ Kim Hyun Joong recently moved the hearts of the public as he once again displayed his infinite love for fans.

On May 24th, a clip was uploaded on an online community board with the title, ‘Kim Hyun Joong receiving a fan letter without his guards knowing, very touching‘.

In the clip, the Hallyu star was surrounded by his guards and knew that they would not let his fans get close to him. But upon noticing a fan who had something to give him, the singer secretly stuck his hand out behind him to receive a letter from the fan without letting his guards catch on.

The clip was recorded on the 20th, at comedian Jung Joon Ha‘s wedding ceremony.

Upon seeing the heartwarming clip, netizens wrote in response, “This is so touching Kim Hyun Joong“, “I’m touched and I’m not even a fan, imagine how that girl felt“, “Kim Hyun Joong, his love for his fans is really amazing“.

In related news, Kim Hyun Joong gave his congratulatory speech for the bride and groom at the wedding, looking very chic in a dark grey suit.

Source & Photo: SportsChosun via Nate

[24.05.12] [Magazine] An An No.1807 (Japan 2012.05)


[24.05.12] [Magazine] THE LOTTE Issue #42 (2012.05)


[24.05.12] [Magazine] Hong Kong + Singapore

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[23.05.12] [News] Kim Hyun Joong Sets New Record with Japanese Concert DVD


Guess placing first on the Oricon’s Daily DVD Chart just wasn′t enough for Kim Hyun Joong.

According to the Oricon Chart on May 23, Kim Hyun Joong’s concert DVD titled First Impact sold 16,000 copies in the first week of its release, confidently taking the number one spot for the Overall DVD Chart.

This is the second time a foreign artist has taken the number one spot on the charts, the first being Michael Jackson, with his 2011 DVD. The highest a Korean artist has gotten on this particular chart was BoA in 2003 when she placed third for her DVD, 8 Miles and More. Kim Hyun Joong has set a new record of being the first Korean to ever take the number one spot.

The content of First Impact included footage from Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese concert tour in November of 2011, where he traveled to eight different cities, specifically focusing on his Yokohoma Arena concert in February.

While setting new records and getting published in famous news publication, Kim Hyun Joong is preparing to release a new Japanese single album titled Heat on July 4.

Photo Credit: Oricon Screen Capture

Saturday, May 19, 2012

[19.05.12] [News] Kim Hyun Joong - Taiwan FanMeeting Tour

English translation:
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Korea popular male star Kim HyunJoong held his fan meeting on 18th. Once started he 'broke egg' to make his appearance, performing singing and dancing, revealing his abs, other than singing 15 songs passionately. He even had some interactions on stage with fans, filming 'bed show'.

'U:zoosin' Kim HyunJoong on 18th & 19th, for 2 nights hold his fan meeting at NTU Sports Center, but the stage effect was totally concert grade. Making his appearance at the start from a planet 'breaking an egg to come out', causing fans to scream. He who opened the show with hit song, wearing black jacket, with nothing inside, revealing his 'dots' from time to time (Mini UFO: erm... u know what 'dot' I m referring to right? kekeke). After the hit dance was ended, the entire line of buttons were unbutton, revealing his abs, causing his lady fans at venue to feel high!

Other than hit dance and songs, Kim HyunJoong also sang ballad passionately, even invited lucky fans on stage, giving a gigantic teddy bear as present; during mid of the show, he even drew lots to select fans to play game with him, allowing 5 lucky fans to go on stage to pose according to movie poster, among them were 'looking affectionately at each other' pose from 'Water for Elephants'; 'Standing back to back' pose from 'Pretty Woman'; 'circling waist from back flying high' pose from 'Titanic'; but there was a fan who was unlucky and selected the solo photo 'Amélie', luckily she still have Kim HyunJoong to help her took a photograph.

As for the fan who had selected the 'Joker card', originally thought that she would not have a chance for close contact, unexpectedly after being sent to back stage, staff 'placed her on bed' and pushed her out, causing the envy of all fans! Kim HyunJoong other than singing passionately to her, even made use of shadow to fake kiss her hand. However when the screen was exposed, it had been switched to 2 staff, he and his fans magically raised up gradually on stage, making lots of fans to 'feel relief' that both of them didn't 'real kiss'.

This fan meeting cost was over NT3.5million (approx USD117K), Kim HyunJoong had changed 4 sets of costume, basically it was modeled after a concert concept, singing and interactions continued until around 21:40, following by that was the High touch' moment which fans had long awaited, it was said that Kim HyunJoong had personally made the request for this activity, allowing fans who didn't have a chance to interact with him to also able to meet their idol in close contact.