Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[27.06.12] [Update] FC Men vs FIFA

Today is a friendship match between FC Men and FIFA!
No. 9 Kim Hyun Joong is out is out!' so handsome!!
He just got back to the resting area and went back to the field again! He's full of energy today I can feel! Keke
They just did their group cheer and match is starting!!
Match started! HyunJoong not really moving.. I think he's attacking today!
Oh! He's not in beanie today! With his handsome hair let out today keke
They just scored a goal!!!
He just shouted because off side lol
The opposite side just made a ridiculous goal!! Aish
HyunJoong run for the football as if he's running for some jewel? Running for his life ah!
HyunJoong just attempt a goal, but fail! Never mind! Keep it up!!
If he keeps on running like this, he will be tired soon I think!
HyunJoong attempt again! But no... ;(
HyunJoong tried another heading but fail again! Okok, soon!
He tries again.. Got caught by the goalkeeper >.<
First half ended, HJ going back to rest area
Second half soon! His hair already centre parting now! Still handsome <3
Another goal!! But not by HJ! Still, it's a goal!
Another goal!! It's by Junsu this time!
FC Men 5 vs FTFA 2 now
Another goal!!! This mean 6 vs 2 now and it's done handsomely by Junsu
The match ended!! FC Men 6 vs FTFA 2..FC Men won!!
HJ and team came in front of us an bow, and went off! Ahhhh HyunJoong ah!!
Credit: twitter@laughingcookie

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