Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[24.07.12] [News] New still for "City Conquest" released.

Credit: http://www.koreaboo.com

A new still for Kim Hyunjoong and Jung Yumi's new drama "City Conquest" was recently released!

"City Conquest," which is a drama that has both humor and action, will be about a man who sets out to defeat the evil present in society. Based on a comic of the same title, "City Conquest" is currently being filmed in Japan, and since details of the drama have been kept confidential, fans were excited to finally be able to see a new still.

In the still, Kim Hyunjoong and Jung Yumi have their arms linked, giving off a warm, romantic feel. Furthermore, Kim Hyunjoong's casual attire and ruffled hair convey the rough life his character has led while Jung Yumi's long, curly hair and white dress conveys the young innocence of her character, who is a jewelry designer.

Upon seeing the still, netizens left comments such as "Kim Hyunjoong and Jung Yumi make such a good-looking couple," "Can't wait for the drama," "Jung Yumi is so pretty! Hopefully her acting skills match her looks," and "Kim Hyunjoong's attire and look make me curious what kind of image he will take on for the drama."

What are your thoughts on seeing the still?

Source: Korea Star Daily

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